Learn how to draw like a master from scratch.


Gain a solid foundation as an artist, so that you are proficient in realistic drawing techniques and methods.

This course will give you the skills and confidence to be able to approach drawing from observation, imagination and references, with a solid process, starting point and ability to assess your own work, so that you can continue to improve.


What does the course involve?

  • 12 modules and 54 progressively challenging lessons
  • 14 guided practical portrait drawing lessons
  • Online: take the lessons at your own pace
  • Tailored for beginners and self taught intermediate artists
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Lifetime access to the materials
  • Certificate upon completion



You Can Draw Like a Pro!

Learn the methods to drawing masterfully, so that you can:

  • Understand the process of starting a complex portrait drawing from scratch.
  • Confidently draw proportions and perspective.
  • Draw from observation, imagination and references.
  • Learn how to use shading techniques to transform flat sketches into dynamic, three-dimensional artwork.
  • Focus on drawing realistically with an academic approach.
  • Hone your skills to find your style and voice as an artist.
  • Bring your ideas to life with accuracy, whenever inspiration hits.


Take your drawing skills to the next level!

In the Drawing Fundamentals Course, you’ll take your skills from beginner to intermediate and beyond.


By The End Of The Course You Could…

  • Complete any complex drawing you desire
  • Draw a variety of different subjects with accuracy
  • Have a portfolio of drawings, of classical sculptures, portraits and master copies

The right art instruction can make all the difference. I take an academic approach to enable you to draw proficiently in the Drawing Fundamentals course.

What is the atelier approach to learning drawing?

Atelier drawing is a structured approach to learning to draw that focusses on perfecting the fundamentals by drawing from plaster casts of classical sculptures and master copies. This way you can learn from the masters and draw elegantly composed portraits in a realistic style. This course emulates this method, with the convenience of studying from your own home!



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Are You Ready To Start Your Journey to Becoming an Accomplished Artist?

This 12-module course will teach you everything you need to know to grasp the fundamentals of realistic drawing and build an enjoyable drawing practice, so you can create artworks to be proud of:

  • Build your skillset to an intermediate level
  • Combat complex aspects of drawing such as proportions, perspective, symmetry, observation and realistic shading
  • Find methods to evaluate your work so you can continue to improve your practice

With some simple shifts in your methods and processes, you could start your journey to drawing like a pro artist.

What You will Learn...

MODULES 1, 2 & 3

Master and Control Your Materials

Set yourself up and prepare to start drawing. Learn how to use the best supplies that will enhance your practice.

  • Learn about the best materials and setup for professional artists.
  • Sharpen your pencil like an artist.
  • Control your pencil to create smooth, accurate contour lines.

You’ll finish this module feeling prepared to start drawing academic style portraits. Small adjustments to materials and setup can instantly take your drawings up a notch.


Principles & Practice Materials

The next step is to understand what makes a good drawing, so you can create striking compositions of your own:

  • Unravel the secrets behind creating a masterpiece: pin point what makes a drawing eye catching and mesmerising.
  • Learn composition techniques to create harmony and dynamism in drawings.
  • Practical advice on how to get a head start to level up your practice.
  • Get to grips with your practical materials.

You’ll finish this module with an understanding of composition, what makes master drawings look so appealing and tips you can use to create a successful drawing.

MODULES 6, 7 & 8

Contour Drawing

This module focusses on perfecting your line drawing skills:

  • Learn how to start a drawing.
  • Methods to draw accurate proportions and perspective.
  • Create clean outlines and smooth curves, that you can later shade.
  • Practice drawing three different side profile portraits: understand the facial anatomy and proportions, then render complex curves accurately.

You’ll finish this module with three side profile drawings, to test your newly found observation and proportion drawing skills.

MODULES 9 & 10

Construct Complex Forms

In this module we'll go through the whole drawing process so you can draw a complex form from start to finish:

  • Learn a method to start complex drawings using basic shapes.
  • Accurately place features and shadows in portraits.
  • Create a master copy using the drawing process you have learned.
  • Draw three complex portrait and anatomical drawings from observation.
  • Learn a different method to draw any portrait from imagination or reference.

Finish this module with five practical drawing lessons to practise drawing complex portraits.

MODULES 11 & 12

Shade like a Master

Finally, artists need to learn how to masterfully shade the nuances of light and shadow on a form:

  • Learn shading techniques to enhance your skills.
  • Identify values and edges in a reference, so you can accurately interpret what you see.
  • Blend subtle transitions between dark and light to create realistic effects.
  • Accurately shade a hand, foot and portrait to create a polished drawing.

Shading brings an artwork to life. In this module, you will master the most important skill of drawing.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You are a beginner and you want a structured, practical approach to learning
  • You are an intermediate self-taught artist who wants to revisit the fundamentals and learn with an academic approach
  • You want to start to build a portfolio of realistic drawings of classical sculptures and master copies
  • You want an efficient way to improve your drawing skills fast

I'm Emily Clare


I'm a professional artist and the founder of Fine Art Tutorials. 

Art brings me joy and I want to share that joy with others by helping them improve their skills and reach their full artistic potential.

The Drawing Fundamentals course aims to provide artists with the guidance, tools, and community they need to thrive in their artistic practice.

Here are some of my artworks:

I'm a pencil artist, but I also love to oil paint. I have always been fascinated with realism in art, I love creating depth and atmosphere in my paintings and drawings.

"The course covers it all. My portrait drawings have improved significantly since taking it!"

- Catherine Williams

"This is the first art course I tried and it's great! I enjoyed the practical lessons and I feel more confident in knowing how to start my drawings. "

- Bill Simpkins

Drawing Fundamentals

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